Starter Repairs

Starter Repairs

Starter Repair in Burlington, NC

Your starter is the mechanism that gets your engine going. It spins over your engine to give it the start it needs to get up and running. When your engine “turns over,” it means that when you put your key into the ignition and turn, an “rr—rrr” noise will result. This means you typically do not have a problem with your starter. If your machine continues to malfunction, it is due to another issue.
Starter Repair Burlington, NC

Signs that you are in need of starter repair services

A malfunctioning starter is similar to the symptoms of a bad battery and a bad alternator. The one way to know for sure is to let us check out your gear and see what the source of the problem is. If you experience dash lights dimming or flashing, or hot battery terminals, you may have a starter issue that we can address.

Call today to see how we can help your commercial or industrial starter.

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